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Hello, I am so thrilled to have you!

     You have put a ton of hard work into your project. The last thing you need is for your audience to not give your project the recognition it deserves. 

       As a freelance photographer and videographer, my goal is to complete your vision. I focus on providing a positive message that translates into a story or mood people relate to. 

       By mastering my craft, I am able to complete the job with the skills and tools that I have. I work well either in a studio setting or out on location. It would be irrational of me to think every photoshoot will run 100% according to plan. That is why I pride myself on my problem solving skills. It has provided me with being able to work flexibly and with a versatile skill set. For example, one of my clients wanted something that we were not able to get in a single scene. So, I combined my studio photography, on-location photography, and editing skills to complete the photograph for my client. They were over-the-moon about their finished piece.

           The biggest compliment I can receive is genuine happiness from my clients. So, if you are worried about photographs or video, take a deep breath and call me. I would be happy to hear from you.

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