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The Beginnings of "Bubbles."

The mint green VW bus, Bubbles, can often be seen driving around in the Littleton, Colorado area. However, this bus is up for adventures so you might even see her deep in the mountains!


Bubbles did not always look beautiful:

Yes, this was the bus in 2014. John Buschmann is the owner and main mechanic at Urabus Autoworks in Denver, Colorado. The VW bus was sold to him in the promise that she would see the mountains one day.


Let's go through Bubble's journey:

Rust repair by Urabus and Overkill Racing and Chassis (IG: @overkillracingandchassis) (above)

The start of the mint green paint job by Urabus (IG: @urabusvw).

Repair of the roof and interior done by John and Jamie Buschmann in the Urabus shop.

Before and after of the redesigned Audi seats. Done by Urabus.

Time to add in the wood floors! They are heavy, so mom, Janet, was brought in to help!


After a whole-hearted journey, Bubbles is complete. Of course, we had to do a photo shoot! Here's some that show the companionship between hard work, a pretty girl, and her van.

Model: Jamie (IG: @jamie_buschmann)

A special thanks to all who made Bubbles the bus that she is today! Urabus focuses on turning classic Volkswagens into modern machines. Check them out for a tour (they have beer in the fridge).

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