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PROM: It's More Than Your Dress

I'm sure you ladies have had your dress for a while now; you imagine yourself making a bold entrance with sparking jewelry, a bold lip, and you smell like flowers! Just me? Okay. Well, cut me some slack because I miss having a reason to get all galmmed up. Don't forget these few accessories to pull your look together!


My grandpa always says that I would be a 'terrible fish' because I like sparkly things. He's right!


Adding a bold lip exudes confidence. I love purple (if you couldn't tell by my logo), but I do not pull it off on my lips well. For now, I choose a color that compliments my completion and still feel like a million bucks.


Purses can be a pain to hold and keep track of all night. That's why I love a good clutch. I just keep a compact, lip stick, ID, money, and gum in there. All my other "essentials" are in a carry-on sized bag that stays in the car. Who can relate?


This maybe TMI, but I was sweaty the whole day/night of prom. It's like I never cooled down from the curling iron for my hair! Having a mini perfume on hand saved me from embarrassing moments. Unless I already did that on the dance floor...


The good thing about prom is that you really only need to look polished for pictures and dinner. After that, everyone looks crazy from all the dancing. Don't agonize; accessorize!


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